Choosing glasses to suit your face shape

Are you square like David Beckham or oval like Kylie Minogue? When it comes to finding your perfect pair of specs, understanding how frame styles flatter different face shapes is the key. Our frames stylist Sue Clarke describes the main face shapes and identifies which frames suit them best.  Whether you need new glasses for … Read more

Glasses chains – the must have accessory for spectacle wearers

Glasses (or frame) chains are now the must have accessory for all spectacle wearers. This weeks Sunday Times Style magazine suggests that a frame chain will make you feel more authoritative at that business meeting or glam you up for an evening out. Here at Peter Gerber’s we pride ourselves on our selection of frame … Read more

How to choose glasses to suit you

Glasses have to do more than just help you see! They should also help you to look and feel your best every time you wear them. Our frame stylist Sue Clarke explains how to choose the perfect pair of spectacles for your face shape, hair colour and personality. Few accessories can make as much of … Read more