Introducing a Local Business

We simply love to support new businesses and our local community and it gives us great pleasure to share a few column inches and dedicate them to a business that is close to us in many ways. Maura Collection specialises in contemporary artificial flower bouquets that are made from the finest silken flowers. We sit down with Maureen, some of you may already know her, and talk about her blooming marvellous business.

Maura Collection photo


Maureen, thank you for sitting down with us, where did the idea for your business come from?

I have always been interested in interior design and things that, well, look good. In a previous life I worked very closely with clients and within interior design. I noticed that gone were the days of naff fake flowers and a whole new world of beautiful, lifelike artificial flowers were being created. With this in mind I wanted to take my love of design, my knowledge  of making things look nice and create wonderful faux flower arrangements and bouquets that would be modern, exciting   and open people’s eyes to the idea that artificial flowers are a great addition to the home.

What inspires you and your creations?

I like to think there are two elements to this question. Firstly, the individual flowers themselves. How they look, their     colours, tones and textures. In essence, I have such a huge amount of resources to choose from and work with that it is a   question of being able to take a step back, really think about what works together and put together my ideas.

What are your must have design tips to style your home with artificial flowers this Winter?


Winter offers a great deal of choices and ideas to keep your home feeling welcoming all whilst paying homage to the colour schemes and tones of the season. You can go two ways, use the more dull, pastel colours in the forms of creams, whites and slightly more natural tones or you can go for the big and bold, the fabulous reds, golds and greens all which add that lovely touch to your home. We always say that our collections are versatile and we pride ourselves on being able to offer to our clients arrangements that can sit in various rooms and various styles of houses.


Thank you to Maureen for taking the time to sit down with us. For more information on her faux flower arrangements  contact the team via or on 01473 652393