10 Must-Read Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

If you wear contact lenses or are considering making the switch from glasses, you need to follow a set of simple but very important guidelines. Your eyes are incredible yet delicate organs, and they must be cared for. So read on for our 10 must-read tips for contact lense wearers, to help eliminate the health risks.

1. Always wash your hands before handling your lenses.

2. Keep a backup pair of spectacles to hand.

3. Never over-wear your lenses – stick to eight hours or less per day.

4. Replace your lenses as recommended by your contact lens optician.

5. Never sleep in daily disposable lenses.

6. Draw up a wearing schedule, and stick to it.

7. Let your eyes breathe by removing your contacts for the first hour in the morning and the last hour at night.

8. Always carry saline or solution. Never use tap water or saliva!

9. Do not skip routine eye examinations.

10. And lastly, NEVER swim while wearing your contact lenses.

Contact lens tips

When it comes to the health of your eyes, never compromise. If you do opt to wear contact lenses, follow the guidelines provided by your optician – to the letter. Download our 10 tips for contact lens wearers guide (pictured left) for a convenient reminder about how to wear your contact lenses safely.

If you would like further advice or have any concern about your contact lenses, please gives us a call or book an appointment with one our contact lens opticians.