Calling all Cyclists! Are You Protecting Your Eyes?

As Vincenzo Nibali seizes his impressive victory of the 101st Tour de France, have you ever considered the importance of eyewear during the race? With an average speed of 25-28 miles per hour on flat terrain, it’s vital that Tour de France riders protect their eyes at all times. It’s not only wind speed that does damage; harsh weather conditions are a consideration too. From blazing sunshine to heavy rainfall, eyewear really does have a vital role to play.

It’s not just elite riders who need protection, either. Whether you cycle to work, hurtle over mountains or cruise along bridleways with the family, your eyes need to be looked after too. Consider the fact that in 2013, cycle mileage in the UK reached 5.1 billion kilometres. That’s an incredible distance! And that’s why sportswear brand Adidas have created their own specialist eyewear range for cyclists – so you can benefit from the same protection as the professionals.

Your Eyes and Cycling: What You Need to Know

So what can cycling actually do to your eyes? To start, there’s the drying effect of the wind, stripping your eyes of their natural protective shield. Then, just like any other outdoor sport, there is the harmful effect of the sun’s UV rays – which can damage your eyes as well as the delicate skin around them. And lastly, cyclists blink more frequently due to the air speeds. This can compromise the ability to see clearly.

For the Movistar team at the Tour de France, the answer to eye-related problems lay with Adidas. To keep their riders in tip-top condition, they donned Adidas’s eyewear designed specifically for cyclists. But how do these differ from your average pair of sunglasses?

Adidas Eyewear for Cyclists at a Glance

Adidas has two eyewear models for cyclists: the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim and the Adidas Tycane. Both models are designed to protect the cyclist from the elements; with a wrap-around design being crucial to 360 degree, 100% UV protection.

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The Evil Eye is designed for both on and off-road cycling – so it’s suitable for everyone from city cyclists to daring downhill bikers. Notably, this model allows complete personalisation – including lens angle and a removable sweat blocker (Pro version only). It is helmet compatible and comes with a second pair of lenses.

The Tycanes have hydrophobic lenses, which repel water, dirt and dust for perfectly clear vision. They also have a ventilation system, double-snap nose pads and – depending which model you opt for – head strap fixation.

Both the Evil Eye Halfrim and the Tycane models are available as straight sunglasses, with the option of single vision customisation. Depending on your personal prescription, there are several options for glazing adidas sports spectacles or alternatively the Performance insert (as shown in the Halfrim pictured top) allows you to slot your prescription in, as and when you need it – ideal for occasional contact lens wearers who want the option to use their sunglasses with and without their lenses.

We have a number of Adidas eyewear models available to try in our Eyewear Studio.  Give us a call on 01473 240400 or pop in and we can discuss your needs and advise the best options available for you.