The Must-Read Guide to Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2014

The UK is gearing up for a scorcher of a summer. As far back as February – when much of Britain was being drenched by heavy and persistent rainfall – scientists were predicting with 75% certainty that we were in for the hottest summer on record. At the time it may have seemed far-fetched, but as 2014 goes on, the predictions are becoming more and more likely! So to prepare for the months of sunshine ahead, we’ve compiled a must-read guide to sunglasses for summer 2014.

How should you choose your sunglasses?

Choosing your sunglasses is no mean feat. First up, there’s the practical elements to consider. You need lenses with a good quality UV filter to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Polarised lenses are always a plus; reducing the impact of glaring rays. And, if you wear glasses, you’ll need an in-built prescription too.

Then there’s the fashion aspect. Without doubt, sunglasses are a fashion statement – a quick glance over a summer issue of Vogue will confirm as much.

And it’s not just modern times that have catapulted sunglasses to their iconic fashion status. From Jackie Kennedy’s large round sunshades to Tom Cruise’s aviators in Top Gun, they have earned their spot as one of the most sought-after accessories of all time.

So when it comes to your own sunglasses, how should you choose? Are practicalities a priority, or are you all about self-image? Thankfully the biggest, most highly-regarded sunglasses brands now cater for both style and necessity – and here’s our whistle stop tour of the best sunglasses out there.

Summer 2014: the trends to watch

Sunglasses trends never disappoint, and summer 2014 is set to be no different. Whether you’re an avid fashion lover or prefer practical styles, there really is something for everyone.

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RayBan is, of course, the undisputed king of sunglasses cool. From clubmaster frames to the classic wayfarer, they’re one of the biggest fashion success stories of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Tortoiseshell and black are the classic colours, but there’s now a whole host of hues to choose from – including bold greens, bright oranges, funky purples, subdued creams, and vibrant two-tones.

And then for the fashionistas, there’s the high-end fashion houses. Giorgio Armani in particular has earned its stripes in the sunglasses stakes – effortlessly toeing the line between timeless style and modern trends. Their ‘geek-chic’ style frames have been spotted on the likes of Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp; high praise indeed.

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But it’s not all fashion, fashion, fashion this summer. Sporting brand Adidas has an impressive range of practical sunglasses with and without prescription frames – from the wrap-around style of the Tycane Pro L, to the helmet compatible Evil Eye Halfrim Pro L.

And last up, our final pick of the sunglasses trends for summer 2014: the Wimbledon range. Inspired by tennis chic, the Rodenstock frames in particular epitomise all that is great about British summers – a whole host of styles to compliment the strawberries and Pimms!

Find the right style for you

Sunglasses are not just a whimsical purchase – they’re a sound investment for summer 2014 and beyond! To find out more about the sunglasses we offer – including RayBan, Giorgio Armani, Wimbledon and Adidas, both with and without prescription lenses – get in touch or make an appointment with our stylist today.