Parisian Chic: Focus on Lafont Eyewear

Are you looking for effortlessly chic eyewear? Frames that exude sophistication and timeless style? Introducing Lafont eyewear – exclusive designer frames channeling irresistible Parisian chic. 

Continental elegance on a global stage

If one city epitomises elegance and romance above all others, it’s Paris. With a rich cultural history, Parisians hold a special kind of charm; almost untouchable in their effortless sense of style. It’s against this iconic backdrop that designer eyewear brand Lafont was born; way back in 1920s Madeleine.

Fast forward to today, and Lafont has become one of the most sought-after eyewear brands in the entire world. A-List fans include Megan Fox – spotted in their elegant cat eye Karima frames – while Lady Gaga has been seen in a pair of Lafont commemorative sun shades. Forbes recently listed them among the ‘Hottest Trends in Eyewear for 2014’ – a credit to their florals and butterfly silhouettes that embody the ‘Garden Look’ trend for this year.

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The current spring/summer collections for women, men and children include chic black and golds, soft stylish nudes, and rich reds. The frames are wonderfully varied too – including contemporary acetate and metals with intricate cut-out details. The LaFont silhouette is always stylish but ever-evolving, with a frame shape to suit all face shapes and personal tastes.

[blockquote]”We especially love the urban edge of the Issy & La collection – with high-contrast, two-tone colours and a Paris-inspired nod to the latest fashion trends.”[/blockquote]

It’s not just their latest collection that inspires adoration; their next season is looking equally exciting, as seen in the recent autumn/winter showcase at MIDO 2014 in Milan.

A rich and fascinating heritage

It’s not just style that attracts so much attention to Lafont. It’s their sense of responsibility to history and tradition; a unique brand story stretching back across four generations. Today, the Lafont family is still at the helm, retaining the very same values they had back in the 20s and 30s. Their entire eyewear collection is made in the French town of Morbier, using a mix of traditional craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing technology. The result is a timeless and high-quality brand of designer eyewear that continues to capture the fashion industry’s imagination.

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Here at Peter Gerber Eyecare Opticians, we are proud to be one of the few places in the UK to stock the stunning Lafont collection. Channeling Parisian culture to perfection, there really is a frame to suit everyone.

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