Your Working Life Needn’t be a Chore with Occupational Lenses

Once upon a time, spectacle wearers could only choose single vision reading glasses, bifocals or varifocals for their near vision requirements. Unfortunately, this choice left a large number of people with difficulties focusing on intermediate distances. 

Now there is a clever solution that provides greater flexibility and clarity for near and intermediate vision tasks. Occupational lenses enable wearers to comfortably work at a computer screen or laptop, use their mobile phone or read from printed documents, as well as easily complete tasks requiring near vision at head height or above.

Also referred to as degressive lenses or enhanced reading glasses, occupational lenses are a great solution for leisure activities too, providing clearer vision for many different hobbies and activities.

Modern lenses for modern life

It’s a fact of life that from around the age of 40, most people will begin to need some help with near vision tasks such as reading, using computers, craft activities, hobbies – or simply applying their nail polish.

The increased use of computing and electronic devices, including ever more sophisticated mobile phones – has placed additional demands on modern spectacle wearers, whether they are new to lenses or ‘Silver Surfers’ who have been wearing prescription glasses for a while.

While reading spectacles with single vision lenses are suitable for many near vision tasks, those needing a stronger prescription may find they are only able to clearly see as far as they can reach in their single vision reading glasses. This means they may have difficulty focusing on a computer screen if it is positioned the usual distance away from their eyes.

Wearers also need to remove their glasses to walk around or look across a room. If they require a distance prescription as well, opting for varifocals or bifocals can help combine near-vision and distance tasks, such as driving and watching television, but wearers may still experience difficulties with the intermediate corridor or for near vision tasks at head height or above.

Fortunately, a solution is at hand with occupational lenses such as Rodenstock progressives or Interview lenses from Essilor. Designed to enable the wearer to work comfortably in both the intermediate and near areas with larger usable areas than varifocal or bifocal lenses and with greater flexibility than single vision lenses, these lenses are perfect for computer work, reading, using phones, playing cards, taking part in craft activities or for completing tasks for which multiple near and intermediate working distances are required.

We have even made a pair for a mechanic so he can see the underside of the car when it’s above his head on the hydraulic lift as well as the smallest nuts and bolts – without changing his glasses.

Your working life needn’t be a chore! Call us on 01473 240400 to discuss how occupational lenses could help you.


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