Choosing glasses to suit your face shape

Are you square like David Beckham or oval like Kylie Minogue? When it comes to finding your perfect pair of specs, understanding how frame styles flatter different face shapes is the key. Our frames stylist Sue Clarke describes the main face shapes and identifies which frames suit them best. 

Whether you need new glasses for everyday wear or specific occasions, the glasses that suit you most will be a pair designed for your face shape. But is your face oval, round, square or heart-shaped?

“Study your face in a mirror to determine your face shape,” our frames stylist Sue advises. “But remember faces can be a combination of different shapes!”

Specs for square face shapes

A square face

“Square faces have broad and deep foreheads with wide jaw lines and square chins,” explains Sue. “Celebrity examples include David Beckham and both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.”

Sue says that square faces are most flattered by rounder frames. “Oval and round glasses with more emphasis at the top work well,” she suggests. “But avoid square styles, thin and angular frames or those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim.”

Glasses for round face shapes

Round face

“A round face may be fairly short with a wide forehead, full cheeks and a rounded chin,” says Sue. “Think of Holly Willoughby, Cameron Diaz or Elijah Wood.”

So what should those with round faces look out for? “Frames that are wider than they are deep flatter by drawing attention to the upper part of the face,” Sue advises. “Try square or upswept frames and styles with colour or decoration at the temples. But avoid small and round shapes or very large frames as these may make your face look rounder.”

Frames for oval face shapes 

Oval face

“An oval face is well balanced and softly rounded,” says Sue. “The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw, which is softly curved, and the cheekbones are enviably high. Oval-faced celebs include Natalie Portman, Kylie Minogue and Jude Law.”

Sue encourages ovals to be experimental. “Oval faces look great in most styles so you can be adventurous!” she says.

But are there any styles to be cautious about? “Most frames, including contemporary geometric ones, can all be carried off well but it’s best to avoid very large frames,” Sue advises.

Flattering heart face shapes 

Heart shaped face

“A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead that tapers to a small neat chin and mouth,” says Sue. “Heart-faced celebrities include Cheryl Cole, Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Sue advises choosing smaller styles without excessive decoration. “Rounded or square styles both work but look for light and slender frames with lower set sides,” she says. “I would also avoid styles that are wider at the top.”


Still confused about your face shape and the best spectacles for you? Why not book a style consultation and I will be more than happy to help you discover the styles that will be most flattering for you.