Autumn Winter Eyewear Collection from Gucci

The new Autumn Gucci range  last week and created quite a stir of excitement in the practice. Christmas is coming so give yourself a present or a hint to a loved one if you feel now is a good time to change your glasses. Your spectacles say as much about you as your clothes and should be seen as a fashion statement.

In 1921, Guccio Gucci opened a small family owned leather saddlery shop in his native city of Florence. It was whilst working in the Savoy Hotel in London that he became inspired by the refined aesthetic of English nobility. Upon his return to Italy, his desire was to use the unique skills of local Tuscan artisans to re-create the finery he had witnessed

The label enjoyed great success with the sophisticated international clientele on vacation in Florence. They flocked to Gucci’s atelier, seeking his bags, gloves, shoes and belts, all equestrian inspired. Demand for riding gear led Gucci to develop the unique Horsebit icon – an enduring symbol of the fashion house.

Gucci products quickly became renowned for timeless design and were cherished by iconic movie stars and figures of elegance. In the mid-60s, Gucci adopted the legendary interlocking double G logo, creating yet another chic Gucci visual insignia. The Spectacle collection was first introduced in the 1970’s.

Gucci continues to focus on strengthening the values upon which its enviable reputation has been founded for its almost 90-year history: exclusivity, quality, made in Italy, Italian craftsmanship, and fashion authority.

This season the Gucci spectacle collection features classic handmade designs including the saddle girth web stripe, and beautiful acetate frames with leather sides, again reminding us of Gucci’s equestrian beginnings. The double G logo is again a firm favourite and bamboo has made a comeback in the sunwear collections.

Gucci frames with saddle girth web stripe