Trick-or-Treating and Eye Tests: Things to do with your children this half term!

If your child is due an eye test, make sure you add a visit to the opticians to your to-do list for next week – alongside hollowing out pumpkins and scaring the neighbours!

Children, just like adults, should have their eyes examined at least once every two years, while some may need to come and see us every year. However, even if your child is not yet due another eye test you shouldn’t hesitate to book an appointment if you have any concerns. Remember, our sight tests are free for children under 16 years so peace of mind needn’t cost you a penny!

Causes for concern 

Some parents bring their children to us after noticing they are having increased difficulty reading. Others are worried about children who say they cannot see the television unless they sit right in front of it.

If your child no longer catches a ball with ease or has started to suffer headaches we would also recommend they come in for a sight test. Similarly, if you have noticed them squinting, blinking a lot or turning their head to look out of one an eye examination is essential.

Health visitors and school nurses may also check your child’s eyes but remember their checks are not usually as thorough as a comprehensive eye examination by a fully qualified optometrist.

A guide to the conditions we see most at EyeCare Opticians can be found on our Children’s Eyecare page. Almost 20% of the children we see have one of these five refractive errors so a quick look at the list can help you understand the most common problems and the signs to look out for.

Glasses for school

Normal vision is vital for a child’s education, and visual problems often result in difficulties concentrating and learning. However, if your child needs glasses, you may be concerned about whether they will wear them at school when you are not there.

Here at EyeCare Opticians we stock a wide range of frames to help ensure your child finds a pair they like and are happy wearing. For older children, this may be a pair of trendy thick-rimmed frames or a more low-key minimalist design. Younger children, meanwhile, can become very attached to their fun and colourful specs!

We also stock a range of ultra-durable frames that can be fitted with shatterproof lenses for sporty and active kids as well as goggles to aid with swimming.

With the autumn term now midway through, half term week is the ideal time to pause and ensure your kids are fully equipped for the rest of the year ahead.

So in between shopping for pumpkins, costumes and Halloween treats, phone us on 01473 240400 to book your half term sight test appointment!