How to choose glasses to suit you

Glasses have to do more than just help you see! They should also help you to look and feel your best every time you wear them. Our frame stylist Sue Clarke explains how to choose the perfect pair of spectacles for your face shape, hair colour and personality.

Few accessories can make as much of an impact on a person’s appearance as their choice of glasses so it’s unsurprising many of us feel apprehensive about ‘getting it right’.

“Choosing new spectacles can be a daunting process,” says Sue, who has helped hundreds of clients select the most flattering styles. “They can make a huge impact on the way you look, just like having your hair styled or updating your wardrobe.

“With so many styles, shapes, materials, colours and sizes to choose from, it can be difficult to know which pair will suit you, especially if you haven’t needed to wear glasses before.”

Free frame consultations

All our clients are offered complimentary frame consultations. “In these consultations, we discuss the type of glasses clients are attracted to as well as their experiences with previous pairs, and their individual likes and dislikes,” Sue explains.

If you are thinking about treating yourself to a new pair of spectacles Sue advises taking some time to think about how you want to look in them. “It may be helpful to look at pictures of people wearing spectacles to help you decide on the image you would like to project in your new glasses.”

Choosing a frame to flatter your face shape and colouring

As well as helping clients select frames that match their personality and personal image, Sue’s role involves helping people to pinpoint which styles will suit their face shape and colouring,

Whether you need new glasses for everyday wear or specific occasions, you will feel more confident in a pair designed to flatter your face shape and hair colour.

For example, a square face with a broad, deep forehead, wide jaw line and square chin is flattered by round style frames that soften the jaw line. So I would suggest trying round and oval style frames with sides set at the top of the frame and avoiding thin, angular or square styles, as well as those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim.

Meanwhile, clients with fair hair are usually better suited to transparent, metal or soft coloured frames while brunettes can look great in darker rims.”


If you are unsure which frames may suit you, why not give us a call to book a style consultation? As an experienced frame stylist, I can help and advise you to find the pair that is just right for you.